Hire Luxury bus service Singapore and enjoy your journey seamlessly!


The business world requires frequent travel. Representing large companies, executives board and disembark planes all the time. Meetings, congresses, events, fairs, all this is common for them. Alone or not, they are aware that time is money and their travels must be punctual. This is where an executive transport company comes in, such as the renowned LIMO Z, is considered by many to be the best in Singapore.


Hiring a Luxury bus service Singapore is something that provides several advantages for the customer. For starters, it’s an absolutely personalized service. In addition, it offers tranquility in transport to the desired destination. Finally, it is a service that involves fixed prices, according to the routes to be taken. In other words, it eliminates any kind of surprise in relation to the amounts payable. Thus, it is possible to accurately enter expenses in the financial spreadsheets of companies that use Luxury bus services.

What to consider when hiring Luxury bus service in Singapore


hiring Luxury bus service in Singapore

There are several executive transport companies on the market. However, anyone who thinks that they are all at the same level of excellence is wrong. So, what is the first step in hiring a top-notch executive bus service? Use a company that conveys credibility and has a great reference in the market. A reputation is not acquired overnight, but built over time. More than that, based on a lot of work and responsibility. No wonder LIMO Z is the favorite of several multinational companies in their most diverse segments.


Another key point in executive transport involves drivers. To handle high-standard services, highly qualified drivers are a differential. In addition to facilitating communication, and being bilingual, drivers must know the best routes so that schedules are met on time. In this case, LIMO Z is better than the rest!


security is also a vital element. It is common knowledge of all. Singapore faces serious problems with violence. Therefore, the rental of a Luxury bus guarantees that the transfer will be carried out safely. One more point for LIMO Z, which offers this service with excellence.


Therefore, for airport receptions, transfers, hotel logistics, events and meetings, employee transfers and city tours, it is best to hire a highly regarded


Luxury bus service Singapore. Choose the best, choose LIMO Z. Ever!


What are the Advantages you Will get when Hiring Luxury Bus Service Singapore?


hiring Luxury bus service Singapore


Before looking for the best luxury bus service, you should know about some advantages which they usually provide –

Great experience in passenger transportation ­­- The luxury bus service always guarantees safe, comfortable, and timely delivery of personnel to their workplaces.


The staff of professional drivers – Each driver should undergo a medical commission and a mandatory examination before leaving for the client.


Individual approach – The ability to choose a bus depending on the number of passengers carried, as well as wishes for its comfort.


Annual Maintenance – Buses are subject to mandatory technical inspection before each trip.


Cleaning and washing- the interior of the bus undergo mandatory cleaning and washing.


Interior of the luxury bus

  • ergonomic leather chairs with reclining backs and armrests

  • expensive and high-quality premium materials in the interior trim

  • high-quality Hi-end acoustics and TV / DVD-system

  • additional neon lighting, on the steps and other trim elements

  • improved sound insulation

  • curtains on the windows, deep toning

Renting a luxury bus service in Singapore is a great addition to a wedding procession or even an alternative. By renting such a bus, the bride and groom can celebrate the wedding together with their guests while travelling around Singapore.


In addition to a wedding celebration, renting luxury buses of this class is an excellent solution for meeting foreign delegations, and business partners, to whom you want to show your hospitality.


Are you searching for a quality luxury bus service in Singapore? If you are, then you should contact LIMO Z PTE. LTD.  They make it a point to provide the best travelling experience to their clients and that too within a reasonable price.




What does an executive bus mean?


It has larger and wider space for the legs, due to the smaller amount of armchairs. Executive buses offer shared armrests and, most of the time, have air conditioning, bathrooms, water service on board and television.


Why should you hire a luxury bus service?


The luxury bus should hire for-

  • wedding transportation

  • transfers to the airport or railway station

  • excursions both around the city and outside the city

  • for transport support of delegations and sports events

  • for transportation of schoolchildren and students


What is the main comfort of a Luxury bus?


The interior of this Luxury bus is truly comfortable. When driving around, external noise is practically not audible, this is facilitated by double-glazed glazing. In cold weather, the heating system will provide thermal comfort throughout the bus. In hot weather, the efficient onboard air conditioner will keep you cool. And there is also an audio-video system that will entertain passengers along the way.


Why do Luxury buses differ from other buses?


  • No window tinting

  • Additional amenities such as a toilet, a powerful air conditioning system and audio and video systems with the ability to use the content of your own removable media are required to be in working order.

  • Possibility of a separate fee for cleaning the bus after passengers has been on it.

  • Curtains on the windows.

  • The bus is served and cleaned, the interior is ventilated.

  • A first aid kit is available – and the driver is able to provide first aid if necessary.

  • Optional: kitchen elements (coffee maker, cooler, refrigerator), as well as a garbage chute.


What is 2 1 in the luxury bus?


AC Sleeper class (2 + 1) is one kind of luxury bus type that is more suitable for Travelers when they are doing long-distance journeys. the (2 + 1) AC Sleeper is available in both A/C and Non-A/C Bus Types. It has the facilities like Push-Back & Water Bottle Holdings, etc.


Which seats are better in a sleeper luxury bus?


The left deck of the sleeper buses will have single seats. So if you are going to travel by bus alone, go for the left-side seats. A recommendation is upper deck will give a good view.

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