Strategic Partnerships

Become a Limo-Z partner to get the Best Private Chauffeur Singapore offers


Provide your First and Business Class guests with industry-leading car chauffeur services in Singapore

  • Count on a dependable partner for leading commercial airlines.
  • Serve your valuable airline customers worldwide.
  • Utilize specialised solutions for auxiliary, supplementary, and crew services.


Transform the experience of your visitors with a private chauffeured transfer.

  • Deliver a smooth door-to-door experience for your visitors.
  • Use our knowledge of the area to benefit from port and airport pickups.
  • There is a fully white-label free ride booking solution available.

Financial Services

Give your high net worth cardholders more benefits.

  • Reservation of a free transfer for air travel
  • Improved service options for cardholders
  • Support staff with expertise serving valuable clients in the financial industry


Provide courtesy and offer first-rate travel encounters outside of hotels with the best private chauffeur Singapore has

  • Give your valued guests free airport transportation
  • Provide city tours and excursions to visitors using our hourly service
  • Count on our experience serving travellers from all around the world.

Global Coverage

Reliable private chauffeur service in more than 50 nations around the world. Local knowledge is assured.

Compliance and Safety

Driven by licenced and insured specialists, our car chauffeur service Singapore ensures you travel with confidence in pristine, premium vehicles.

Priority Support

We have a dedicated support crew on hand, around-the-clock to assist with any daily needs and on-site requirements.

Competitive Pricing

Price is established at the time of booking and is all-inclusive, based on the shortest distance.

Custom Business Solutions

To handle supplementary services, integrate custom turn-key solutions easily via an API.

Sustainable Travel

Take comfort in the fact that, thanks to our industry-first worldwide carbon offset programmed, every ride is 100 percent carbon neutral. We also include electric vehicles in our fleet.